Hawrry Bhattarai
Hawrry Bhattarai
In addition to serving at a contributor at traveltoggle, He is an editor, travel consultant & enthusiast who is passionate about telling dope recollection of the places he visited. He is often caught around the film theatre & coffee shop. He prides himself on telling epic jokes & love snatching chocolates from kids.

Shey Phoksundo Lake - A Mesmerizing Blend of Nature, Culture, and Spirituality

Imagine a place so serene and breathtaking that you’d swear it was photoshopped. Well, to tell you, such a place does exist! Shey Phoksundo Lake, a pristine body of water nestled in the heart of the Dolpo region in Nepal, is as stunning as it is mysterious.  This blog post will take you on an […]

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Upper Mustang Jeep Tour - Explore the Mystical Land of Mustang in Luxury

The Upper Mustang is a beautiful valley steeped in Tibetan Buddhist culture. It is home to many ancient monasteries, traditional villages, and cave dwellings. The landscape is unique, with barren lands, orchards, and degraded shrublands. The Upper Mustang is situated in the trans-Himalayan region between two 8000m peaks: Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. The Kali Gandaki River […]

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10 Nepal based films only a Handful of people know

Although there are over 14 mountains more than 8,000 meters tall that dominate the world, Nepal tends to get overlooked on the international stage. Nonetheless, there are many noteworthy films both produced by and directed by Nepalis and foreigners that will engage you and show you the nation’s far-flung history and culture. For filmmakers, any […]

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How to Travel Tibet - A Complete Travel Guide for Tibet Travelers

How to Travel Tibet: The Complete Guide for First-Timers Tibetan Odyssey For centuries travellers and explorers have sought to enter Tibet to discover its mystical charms, hidden secrets and wild Himalayan scenery. Long before the wheel, these hardy Tibetan travellers had to endure bitter winds, high altitude and a frosty reception from the long-isolated, wild, […]

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Who Actually Are Sherpa People?

What is the Identity and History of the Sherpa People? Sherpa (Nepali: शेर्पा) or Sherpas are one of the indigenous tribes of Nepal found mostly in the Northeastern regions of Nepal & India. Belonging to a Tibetan origin, they settled in Nepal thousands of years ago. These mountaineers have been climbing mountains and supporting traders […]

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Culture and Etiquette in Nepal

Nepalese Society Society is about the people, their culture and lifestyles, every day patterns and their relationship with one another etc. The geographically varying regions: Himalayan, hilly and terai of Nepal have created diverse ethnic, tribal and social groups. They have their own unique culture, costumes, speak their own languages and follow their own religions. […]

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Top 10 Best Treks in Nepal

Nepal is a trekker’s paradise, with thousands of trekkers visiting every year. The Himalayan country caters to the needs of every kind of trekker, offering both easy and challenging trails. The quote, ‘difficult road leads to beautiful destinations’ definitely applies to the trekking regions of Nepal! The challenging trails offer adventure to intrepid trekkers, while […]

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Places To Visit While In Kathmandu

I think I’m going to Katmandu That’s really, really where I’m going to If I ever get out of here That’s what I’m gonna do K-k-k-k-k-k Katmandu I think that’s really where I’m going to If I ever get out of here I’m going to Katmandu The lyrics of the famous song ‘KATMANDU’ was written […]

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11 Life Hacks To Survive in Kathmandu

Bear Grylls, who has lived in some of the most remote corners of the earth, once said “ Improvise. Adapt. Overcome” and that is exactly how we should learn to live here in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is one of the most populated cities of Nepal and it also happens to be one of the most expensive […]

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Krishna Janmashtami-celebrating the Birth of Lord Krishna

Hindu Pantheon’s Most Prominent Gods, Krishna One of the Avatars of Vishnu, a Hindu god, Krishna is revered as the highest leader of the Hindu religion. Hinduism: Krishna Janmasthami (Krishna Jayanti)    Krishna Janmashtami ( Nepali: कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी) is a festival observing the birth of Lord Krishna. This festival is also known as Krishna Ashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, […]

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Summer Adventure and Holidaying in Nepal

A life without love is like a year without summer. Summer is playful! The rising temperature boils up the body, and the only solution is in finding a cooler and more exotic place in the world! Summer and Adventure are two different sides of a coin! Nepal, being an ultimate adventure destination for many decades, […]

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A MO:MO TALE-You Know, You are Nepali When....

MOMO: Pronounced with the same “o” sound as in “so-so.” Whether you are planning to visit Nepal as an international traveller or you are actually a Nepali In need of some Nepali inspiration, be sure to check this blog. This blog is an answer to the question of ….so what actually is Nepali dish/cuisine?. I […]

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5 Best Things To Do In Nepal For Valentine's Day 2023

Although Nepal represents Adventure tourism at large, there are still many places or things to do in here which signifies love. A small yet cozy nation of heartwarming people, spending Valentine’s Day in Nepal can be so much fun. Best Things You Can Do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day #1 Champagne Breakfast at Kala […]

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5 Places You Must Visit This Christmas In Nepal

Holidays are coming! It’s time to take the work out of hours and celebrate! Most of you prefer to spend quality time with your family; embracing inside your home and exchanging gifts, however, holiday is also the time of year when you can go out and explore the world! Travelling is a blessing. Work all […]

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Embrace the Colder Months with these Stupefying Winter Treks In Nepal

It’s that lethargic time of the year when you want to sneak into thick layers of blankets all cocooned up chugging a mug of coffee binge-watching your favourite shows. For many people, this idea of mini hibernation in the winter is so tempting and I am not ashamed to confess I belong to this fraction […]

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If you are contemplating planning an exotic travel experience look no further. Nepal is a treasure chest of The Himalayas letting you set out on an idyllic hideaway by trekking and trailing daunting mountains and hills, sojourning in the beautiful valleys along the way. Exploring the lush jungles while feasting your eyes with the vivid […]

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