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Places To Visit While In Kathmandu

I think I’m going to Katmandu That’s really, really where I’m going to If I ever get out of here That’s what I’m gonna do K-k-k-k-k-k Katmandu I think that’s really where I’m going to If I ever get out of here I’m going to Katmandu The lyrics of the famous song ‘KATMANDU’ was written […]

3 Travel Clothes For Women That Are Chic and Comfortable

Whether you’re aiming for a sophisticated or a cute airport outfit, it all comes down to artistic layering and the correct fabrics. Everyone enjoys travelling, therefore the last thing on our minds should be what to wear when flying or driving for long periods.  Comfort is important in making long-haul trips enjoyable, but comfort does […]

5 Places You Must Visit This Christmas In Nepal

Holidays are coming! It’s time to take the work out of hours and celebrate! Most of you prefer to spend quality time with your family; embracing inside your home and exchanging gifts, however, holiday is also the time of year when you can go out and explore the world! Travelling is a blessing. Work all […]

Embrace the Colder Months with these Stupefying Winter Treks In Nepal

It’s that lethargic time of the year when you want to sneak into thick layers of blankets all cocooned up chugging a mug of coffee binge-watching your favourite shows. For many people, this idea of mini hibernation in the winter is so tempting and I am not ashamed to confess I belong to this fraction […]


If you are contemplating planning an exotic travel experience look no further. Nepal is a treasure chest of The Himalayas letting you set out on an idyllic hideaway by trekking and trailing daunting mountains and hills, sojourning in the beautiful valleys along the way. Exploring the lush jungles while feasting your eyes with the vivid […]

The Newārs (Chapter I): The Genesis

Newārs or Newār people are one of the indigenous tribes of Nepal. A historically and culturally rich group of people, Newārs are known as the native inhabitants of Kathmandu valley. The Newars: Historical Inhabitants Of The Kathmandu Valley Notes On Early Newar Origin The generic term Newār literally translates to “People of Nepal.” Newari or […]

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