Maghe Sankranti in Nepal: Sweet Potatoes and Molasses Fest

Maghe Sankranti in Nepal Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas and lush green valleys, Nepal is more than just a scenic wonder; it’s a vibrant tapestry of cultural diversity and age-old traditions. This land, with its myriad of colors and spiritual chants, is home to a rich array of festivals that reflect the heart and soul […]

Thakali Khana: A Glimpse into Authentic Nepali Cuisine

Thakali Khana : A Look at Nepal’s Culinary Heritage Thakali Khana Traveling offers a window into the diverse cultures and traditions of the world. One of the most enriching experiences of any journey lies in exploring local cuisines. Every dish tells a story, revealing insights into the history, geography, and lifestyle of its origin. Nepal, […]

A MO:MO TALE-You Know, You are Nepali When....

MOMO: Pronounced with the same “o” sound as in “so-so.” Whether you are planning to visit Nepal as an international traveller or you are actually a Nepali In need of some Nepali inspiration, be sure to check this blog. This blog is an answer to the question of ….so what actually is Nepali dish/cuisine?. I […]

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