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World Heritage Sites in Nepal

Nepal, a country embodying Asia’s diversity, is nestled between the cultural and geographical giants of India and Tibet. It’s a land of contrasts, from the mystical Kathmandu Valley, where history and culture intertwine, to the breathtaking natural beauty of Chitwan National Park. Nepal’s World Heritage Sites are a testament to the country’s diverse cultural and […]

3 Travel Clothes For Women That Are Chic and Comfortable

Whether you’re aiming for a sophisticated or a cute airport outfit, it all comes down to artistic layering and the correct fabrics. Everyone enjoys travelling, therefore the last thing on our minds should be what to wear when flying or driving for long periods.  Comfort is important in making long-haul trips enjoyable, but comfort does […]

Summer Adventure and Holidaying in Nepal

A life without love is like a year without summer. Summer is playful! The rising temperature boils up the body, and the only solution is in finding a cooler and more exotic place in the world! Summer and Adventure are two different sides of a coin! Nepal, being an ultimate adventure destination for many decades, […]

When Air Pollution In Kathmandu Gets Personal

Air Pollution In Kathmandu: Stories From Streets The smog covered Kathmandu is aptly named ‘Dhulomandu.’ These are the things that I personally do to combat while traveling on the dusty roads of Kathmandu. Feel free to share your tips and tricks. I do not step out of the house without a mask; I become prone […]

5 Best Things To Do In Nepal For Valentine's Day 2023

Although Nepal represents Adventure tourism at large, there are still many places or things to do in here which signifies love. A small yet cozy nation of heartwarming people, spending Valentine’s Day in Nepal can be so much fun. Best Things You Can Do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day #1 Champagne Breakfast at Kala […]

5 Places You Must Visit This Christmas In Nepal

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to step out of the ordinary and embark on an extraordinary journey. This year, consider Nepal as your Christmas destination, a land of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable adventures. Travelling is a blessing. Work all the time, you deserve time off! When you get off the couch […]

Embrace the Colder Months with these Stupefying Winter Treks In Nepal

It’s that lethargic time of the year when you want to sneak into thick layers of blankets all cocooned up chugging a mug of coffee binge-watching your favourite shows. For many people, this idea of mini hibernation in the winter is so tempting and I am not ashamed to confess I belong to this fraction […]


If you are contemplating planning an exotic travel experience look no further. Nepal is a treasure chest of The Himalayas letting you set out on an idyllic hideaway by trekking and trailing daunting mountains and hills, sojourning in the beautiful valleys along the way. Exploring the lush jungles while feasting your eyes with the vivid […]

Everything you need to know about Gaura, the festival of the far west

As the greatest rituals like Dashain And Tihar are celebrated in almost all regions of Nepal. Gomra or gaura festival is one of the kind, specifically commemorated in western, midwestern & far western regions of Nepal. In fact, gaura is a name given to religious & cultural rituals celebrated among the kumain female community of […]

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